• VIVA – Rendang to be one food that is quite popular in Indonesia, even in the world. Even CNN’s website declared that rendang is the most delicious food the number one in the world. If talking rendang, it turns out that rendang is not only in Indonesia alone. Rendang is also so special dish Malaysian-style.

    Indonesia and Malaysia are the two countries that comes from the same family, namely the Malays. This makes Indonesia and Malaysia consists of similarities, one of them about food.


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    Although similar, the food of both countries is still different especially in terms of taste, and the history behind it. Then actually how history or origin of rendang? Reporting from the page The Star, one of the Chef in Kuala Lumpur, Azhar Alias call that traces of rendang could certainly be tracked from the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

    Azhar called rendang is part of the culinary field, which brought ethnic Minangkabau to Negeri Sembilan. He continued, Minang people are known moved to the west coast which is now a part of Malaysia in the early 15th century.

    the Chef of one restaurant famous in Kuala Lumpur, Ashar Daud also argues similar. He said that a lot in Malaysian cuisine has its roots in Indonesia or influenced the culinary traditions of Indonesia.

    Both the chef’s agree, that of Negeri Sembilan rendang spread to the territory of the kingdom in the whole of Peninsular Malaysia, where in each region the recipe modified to suit local tastes. Which is then attached as the authentic food of Malaysia and became part of the culture of the country.


    “Rendang is an integral part of any celebration activities,” said Ashar David.

    the Role of mutual cooperation was raised in the activities of cooking rendang in the villages of Malaysia. Every time there is a celebration such as a feast or wedding, the people of the village would gather, bringing with him the materials which most easily searchable.


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    for Example, one family came to bring the lemongrass, the other carries galangal. There is also a carry dried chili peppers. The making of rendang was communal, rather than fry the fish for example. People gather in a large frying pan–with a mixture of meat and seasonings to a boil, all the while laughing, and sharing stories, also gossip.

    the Origin of rendang from Padang is also revealed by the Malay historian from the University of Andalas, Padang, Muhammad Nur. Migration of Minang people at the beginning of the 16th century believed to be the beginning of the existence of rendang in a Malay land.

    According to him, Migration is strongly suspected of make rendang penetrate the territorial limits of the Minangkabau at the beginning of the 16th century. At that time, large-scale migration of Minang people towards Malacca occur.

    in Addition to looking for new areas, this migration is aimed at the development of the economy. This migration utilizes the path of the river Rokan, Riau, and crossed over to Malacca.

    Nur explained, Malacca at that time the main gate to the Peninsula of Malaya (Malaysia today). The average Minang people live in Negeri Sembilan and Johor Baru to develop a culture, including food.

    this, he said, strengthened from a record number of Syech Burhanuddin–the scholars of the carrier of the teachings of the tareqat satariyah to the West–who wrote that the rendang was originally using meat that is not halal.

    Since the advent of Islam, starting from the 13th century and perfectly in the 16th century, endang began to experience changes, especially of the meat used as the main ingredient. The meat of the buffalo, the goat, the cow, becomes the main choice to make rendang daging (meat rendang).