Agave’s dishes made from scratch are inspired by la cocina de la Abuela Eli, our favorite taco - Taco de Trompo and our northern Mexican palette. Paying respect to traditional recipes Agave presents our guests healthy, savory dishes filled with memorable flavors.

Using authentic Mexican ingredients in our dishes allows us to evoke the flavors of our Madre patria and share with you our culinary experiences that we encountered back in Monterrey, Mexico. Our philosophy is simple we only use ingredients that we ourselves are proud of eating.

La Cocina - Kitchen / Abuela - Grandmother / Tacos de Trompo - Our House Specialty Taco / Madre Patria - Motherland 

Taqueria - A place to eat good Tacos / Recetas - Recipes


Our Founder 

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Ivan Alarcon’s passion for food began as a child in la cocina de Abuela Eli with home-style braised meats at family meals, street tacos on the way home from school and later on exploring various regional dishes during his travels throughout Mexico. Having migrated from Monterrey for a college education in the United States he began to crave those savory dishes and street tacos he had taken for granted so easily back home. A self-taught cooking aficionado he used recetas de la Abuela Eli to recreate those memorable flavors. After graduation from NSU he entered into corporate America and decided to make South Florida his permanent residence. Finding limited options of authentic Mexican food in South Florida led him in the early 2000’s to begin delving into catering parties for family and friends to share his culture and the genuine flavors of Mexico. During this time Ivan began to define recipes that best ignited favorable memories and envisioned the idea of a opening a neighborhood taqueria to share with his adopted community. In 2010 the opportunity presented itself, so he acquired a small 500 square foot catering kitchen that he then converted into a take out taqueria.

El Agave Azul was born on January of 2010. His passion has led him during these past 5 years to expand the original location and open a second location in Davie, FL. In mid 2015 a new interpretation of a Modern Mexican Taqueria was formulating allowing El Agave Azul to evolve into Agave Taco Bar.